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Elegant & Timeless

Daniella Jade was working as a legal assistant, when she fell ill with an incurable illness, and this was where her journey as a make up artist began. Self-taught from watching videos online while stuck in a hospital bed, she found her love for everything makeup and she's never looked back!

Daniella is inspired by the way she can make people feel and by giving them all the confidence in the world just by applying makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

Her signature style is a soft elegant glam - fresh flawless skin with a natural glow, using subtle natural colours and beautiful shimmers to make the natural eye colour pop which will have any bride-to-be feeling their best for their very special day!

Brides-to-be are always recommended to book a trail before their wedding date - once the initial booking has been made and secured with Daniella, then she would look to book your trail 2-3 months before the wedding so you have time to alter if needed. Daniella likes her clients to bring plenty of inspiration photos that she can work from to create your perfect wedding day look. This way she can get to know you more and see your individual style.

Daniella said "I love the atmosphere of weddings, and the excitement of having everyone together all wanting the best for the bride and to make her day perfect. I am there for you, not just as your makeup artist, any thing you need to make your morning less stressful I’ll be there to lend a hand. The love and laughter is infectious, I feel honoured when I get asked to be part of your day."

On the months up to the wedding, she advises to maintain a good skin care routine to get your skin in the best condition for your big day. She would highly recommend seeking professional opinions on what would work best for your skin and what treatments they can offer - Daniella said she is currently obsessed with how the hydro facial improves the skin, allowing for a flawless makeup application.

Her current top 3 makeup product must-haves are;

  1. Bobbi brown - Vitamin enriched face base

  2. Weleda - skin food

  3. By terry - hyaluronic hydra powder

Daniella thinks the timeless classic glam (think Marilyn Monroe) will be making a come back for 2024 as it is currently slowly creeping in amongst her 2023 brides. The elegant & timeless look is the perfect look in every decade when you look back years from now.

Daniella Jade MUArtistry can be booked and contacted via and more of her glam finished looks can be found here.

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