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With your partner, you may have already considered what type of venue you would both like, and finding that perfect wedding venue isn’t an easy task! There are lots of things to consider when ensuring you find the perfect place for your special day.

My partner and I wanted to find a venue whereby we could hold the ceremony and reception in one place, and also stay over along with our guests. We weren't considering a church ceremony, therefore the venue we picked had to offer everything from ceremony space, to wedding breakfast to evening reception! After many visits to alternative venues, we finally found the one that was perfect for us. It has the capacity, along with all the bedrooms we need, and it fits perfectly with our rustic theming too! The wedding coordinator was truly lovely, and we both envisioned our day being held there.

There are endless options to consider and I hope the tips below help you and your partner in choosing the perfect venue for you! 1. Set your budget

As with every part of your wedding, its important to set a clear budget for your venue – and refine your search accordingly! The worst thing that can happen is you fall in love with a venue that isn’t within budget!

2. Check your potential numbers

Each venue has a capacity and will determine how many guests you can invite. If you haven’t written up a draft guest list already, make sure you make a list of who you cannot imagine getting married without and this is your minimum figure! 3. Find out what’s included

Once you have made a shortlist of your potential venues, you need to find out what’s included within your hire cost to ensure there are no hidden costs! This way you can compare like-for-like prices before making your final decision.

Most venues will offer a brochure with all terms & conditions on, so you can access this info prior to booking! 4. Food is important

I have attended many weddings, and one of the main things I always remember is the food!

Therefore, you need to discover what type of food each venue has to offer. Some venues don't offer catering, which means you can hire an external supplier! Perfect if you have a particular cuisine you and your partner like!

If the venue operates its own catering, I would recommend visiting for food (if this is an option), or even better, if you are able to do a food tasting before you commit, you will get a true understanding of whether their catering is suitable for your day! Our chosen venue operates a restaurant on-site so we were extremely lucky to sample their offering before we booked! 5. Recommended suppliers policy

While venue recommended suppliers are great (as they will know your venue and how it operates), you will certainly have suppliers of your own that you would like to use. Some venues only allow their own recommended suppliers which can be very limiting and/or frustrating. Check your venue's policy! Our chosen venue operates no policy, so we can utilise all the suppliers we desire!

I hope these top tips help with your wedding venue search, but you can also view our Yorkshire Wedding Venues page here or our Instagram for further inspiration!

Photos courtesy of Elsworth at the Mill, Highfield House and Mini Creations Studio.

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