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Updated: Jan 30

A W Photography are an award winning documentary and creative wedding photographer covering the north of the UK. Andy started A W Photography in 2011 as a sideline to his 'day job' in the water industry, and soon after started focussing on weddings.

Yorkshire Brides popped A W Photography in the hot-seat!

How did you get into Photography? I have always had a passion for photography from my early teenage years. In 2010 when I started my own business I decided to diversify and began my photography business alongside my normal job and this has gone from strength to strength over the years.

What would you describe your style as? Like probably most wedding photographers these days I would describe my style as documentary in the most part. Wedding days are a very fluid process with many factors effecting how the day looks and feels. This means a photographer has to be flexible and react at times to how the day unfolds. As most of the day takes on a documentary style, we do acknowledge that family formals are an important part of that. We also feel it is important for the couple to have time to themselves in the day and so we take them away for portraits, usually twice in the day. Even though we are there photographing them our approach is to give them space to interact with each other and most importantly, relax!

What is your favourite part of the wedding day? This is like asking ‘what is your favourite venue.?’… the simple answer is ‘all of it’! Like all weddings it all depends on the couple. Some couples are very emotional and it is clear the huge amount of love they have for one another which all comes out during the ceremony. Others are party animals and have a ball on the dancefloor in the evening and that is always great fun.

Describe your signature shot? I don’t really have a signature shot but I do always like to do something different at each and every wedding. Generally this is something incorporating off camera flash in the evening, sometimes combined with either smoke grenades or some other optical accessory!

When working with couples, what do you value the most? Trust. For the couple to have faith when I ask them to do something that there is a reason and that the end result will (hopefully) be epic! That when I take them away for portraits I will give them space and time to breath and have a moment to themselves. That my approach is relaxed and not intense and imposing.

What can a couple expect from you on the day of the wedding? Our undivided attention and focus on THEM! Yes we are there to take photographs and capture the day as it unfolds but we are also there to advise, support, assist and encourage as necessary, to ensure they have the best day possible.

We use our experience from years of attending weddings to make sure we do whatever we can to make that happen. Over the years we have been wedding cars, dog catchers, baby sitters, dress fitters (my wife, not me… haha!) as well as countless other functions all to make sure the day runs smoothly for the couple.

Can you advise your booking process? We utilise an online CRM for studio management which we have used since the introduction of GDPR to ensure clients privacy. This system allows us to issue wedding brochures and pricing information as well as data gathering questionnaires to enable the issue of quotes and contracts.

A W Photography are currently holding their current pricing structure through to the end of 2025 if booked before the end of February 2024, therefore if you love their photography style, make sure to discuss your date today!

A W Photography can be contacted via 07963 592490 or email

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