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Picking your palette

When it came to looking at themes and colours for our wedding, I already had in mind which colour palette I wanted to lean towards.

As a huge fan of Autumn and specifically the Halloween period, I knew that burnt oranges, and rusty browns would be the main colour used throughout our wedding. Bright autumnal colours mixed with a hint of blue are still very popular for weddings, and the rustic trend has become very prominent across the wedding market, therefore it is readily available across all suppliers - from flowers, to signage to bridesmaids dresses, the list goes on!

Across the wedding market, we have noticed a huge push over 2023 towards clean crisp white and green or monochrome tones, but personally I do love a splash of colour!

If you currently do not have a specific colour in mind, we would recommend the following tips to discover your palette;

Take inspiration from your venue

If your venue has a lot of decor elements in place (for example fireplaces, lighting fixtures, exposed beams etc), use those details to influence your overall colour scheme. Your colour palette could enhance the overall look and feel of your venue.

In which season are you getting married?

We are getting married in August so our rustic Autumnal theme will suit the season, but if you are getting married mid-Spring for example, inspiration can be taken from the season to create your colour palette.

Gain ideas from Instagram!

Here at Yorkshire Brides we share loads of suppliers utilising various colours and themes, so take inspiration from our Stories, Grid Pics and Highlights to build your palette.

Consult a wedding stylist/event planner

Wedding stylists and planners are experts in choosing themes and colours, therefore let your stylist/wedding planner help you decide which colours will complement you and your taste on your big day!

My question for our Yorkshire brides-to-be...when you became engaged, did you already know what you wanted your wedding to look like in terms of colour palette or not?

We'd love to know what your wedding colour palette will be!

J x

Images courtesy of Pinterest

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