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Planning the 'pre-wedding' party

The Pre-Wedding party that we are referring to, of course, is the 'Hen Party', 'Bachelorette Party', or 'Bridal Shower'. The old age tradition of planning & hosting your closest friends for a day, night or weekend and celebrating becoming a Bride (or Groom!).

As it is tradition to hold one before you get married, I have spent the last month planning my Hen Party for next year. Organising 20 people into 1 weekend may not seem a big feat, but it has been!

Now let me tell you, I have plenty of help on hand via my Bridesmaids, but as someone who plans events for a living, I definitely didn't want to let go of control!

My dream Hen Party has always been to get all my closest friends (from all over the country), together in a giant cottage, and enjoy a weekend of games, food and drink. I finally found the perfect place, which was within budget for everyone, but also had everything on my tick list and it's availability suddenly disappeared from the internet!


Thankfully after searching endlessly for another place, the original house funnily enough came back online and was available for my chosen weekend - BOOKED!

With the accommodation boxed off, I feel I can now leave the finer details to my pack of Bridesmaid (with a little guidance from me!)

Should you be planning your bash and not feeling up for the challenge, then we have supplied some inspo below for you. These are fabulous Hen Party Planners/Houses, who can help you and your bridal party to plan the perfect bash;

Happy planning and look out for further blogs as we plan Hen Party activities! Take a look at our Featured Suppliers for further planning inspo.

Hen Party Planning

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