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Preserving your precious florals

To The Moon offer a bespoke service in the North East of England preserving wedding flowers in a modern and timeless way.

How they started;

To The Moon started as a project when owner Chloe, was on maternity.

"I was an art teacher and decided to start running workshops making paper flower wreaths. This slowly developed over time when I experimented with various mediums including resin. One of my friends had been married and I decided to see if I could preserve her flowers and now here we are four years and hundreds of brides later!"

Chloe has managed To The Moon for 4 years, and has worked with hundreds of brides & grooms. They started in the wedding industry from the get-go, having already built up quite a good social media client base from their resin homeware and workshops, and this provided a great stepping stone into the wedding industry. They regularly work with other suppliers who are always happy to share their work too!

Chloe wishes that she’d known about flower preservation before she got married, as she states her own bridal flowers ended up shrivvled and brown and at the time she didn’t know flower preservation was a thing that could be done. She would have loved to have kept them preserved!

The company;

Resin flower preservation is a very specialist area with not many artists in the Yorkshire & North East regions. The procedure takes a lot of practice and experience to be competent enough, so you aren't going to ruin someone's flowers, as resin is so temperamental and difficult to work with. Brides and grooms spend so much wedding budget on flowers and Chloe is glad that To The Moon are able to encapsulate them in a modern and unique way.

Unlike most wedding suppliers, To The Moon work with the bride and groom after the wedding is over. The flowers can be hand-dropped off or posted to them (within 1-4 days for best results), and they then get to work and the married couple can relax and enjoy their honeymoon! Within 10-12 weeks the items will be ready and the happy couple get to relive a part of their special day all over again.

Chloe's favourite product that she makes is their 25cm deep Hexagon which is their most popular product too! You can fit extra-large flowers and a lot of the bouquet into this along with the freedom of any inclusions or personalisation.

The process;

To The Moon treat and trim stems of any of the flowers that arrive with them to try and give them a bit of life if they've been posted or ended up a little bit warm and sad. They then take the bouquet apart and dry the flowers in a silica powder that is then put away for a few weeks to dry.

The flowers are then arranged in the silicone mould and a picture is sent to the bride to see if they're happy with the layout. They then add the resin layer by layer, fighting off any bubbles they may come across (any personalisation or inclusions are added just before the last layer). They then remove the work from the mould. The item is then wrapped and polished and ready to go!

To book;

Initial enquiry and booking your date: To see if your date is available, you will firstly need to look at the calendar at the bottom of each website page where their fully booked dates are shown. If your date is free, you can contact them via their contact form or social media and then they can pop your date in the diary provisionally free of charge. Between 4-6 weeks before the wedding you will need to get back in touch to let them know your order and they can then take a deposit (this will be around 20% of your total order). If you fail to get back in touch within the two-week window your space may be given to someone else.

After the wedding: just before the wedding or the day after you will need to get in touch to arrange drop off of the flowers or to let them know when you're posting them so they can be here to take them in. As To The Moon operate a home studio, they are flexible with drop offs and will take flowers on a weekend and bank holidays. Flowers must be posted or dropped off with them within 1-5 days for best results. If this is left any later the petals may be compromised and can fall off the flowers when dried or flowers can wilt and rot.

The process: Once they have your flowers they will update you with a layout in the mould after the flowers are dry (hexagons, large heart, squares and arches only), if you are happy with your layout they will then only be in touch again if they need to confirm information or if your order is about to be ready to collect and they are sending your final invoice. The whole process can take 10-12 weeks depending on the size of the order and nothing needs to be paid until your items are all complete.

You are welcome to add to your order any time up to dropping your flowers off/posting, this is so they can ensure they dry enough of your flowers.

Further info;

All of To The Moon's packages, availability and offers are available on their website

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