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Small mementos to celebrate your big moment

Winnywicks create luxury wax melt wedding favours made especially for your wedding day.

Yorkshire Brides | Weddings popped Emma from Winnywicks in the hot-seat!

1. How did you start the Winnywicks business? 

Like a lot of businesses, Winnywicks is a hobby that got out of hand! It began as a hands-on creative outlet from my day job but it soon became much more than that.

I started to explore the link between essential oils and both our memories and sense of well-being and alongside this, as I learnt about the craft and pursued high-quality natural ingredients, my eyes were opened to the harm of synthetic fragrances and manufactured wax used in so many candles and wax melt products and that ignited (pardon the pun…) a strong desire to make something better that meant people just like me could safely enjoy home fragrance products.

2. How did you get involved within the wedding industry?

When I launched Winnywicks wax melts, my intention was always to develop a range especially for weddings. I’ve always been a huge believer that we need to stop to appreciate the small moments and truly celebrate the big ones - What bigger moment is there to celebrate that your wedding day?

I also got married to my wonderful husband, Dane, in 2022 and finding affordable yet luxurious favours that felt like ‘us’ was tricky. Weddings are expensive and like many couples, we had a budget to stick to but at the time wax melts as wedding favours were not on my radar and it was only after our wedding when I started wax melt making that it struck me I’d missed out on a great idea! That said, the doughnuts went down well too…

3. What makes your services and/or products unique?

How truly personal our wax melt favours are! Our collection of themed wax melt favours have been curated with your big moment in mind. Couples can pick the scent they prefer and add the finishing touches to suit their wedding to create truly personalised gifts for guests.

Whether your wedding suits sparkle or a beautiful botanical, we have options to suit all themes. There’s a wide range of wax melt shapes to choose from too including an array of flowers and hearts but we’re open to sourcing something new for you too.

4. What is your favourite product that you create?

I love how the rose shaped wax melts look, especially with the gold glittery dip. They look so elegant and the subtle shimmer works so well with that shape. The end result is a real classy wax melt favour.

5. How do you create the products? Do you produce scents in-house or take requests from brides & grooms?  

All products are handmade by me in York. Unfortunately we can’t take requests for scents as this would require a custom blend to be created and there are lots of regulations involved here but we have a beautiful selection of approved scents for couples to choose from. We can readily supply samples of our scents so you can be confident in your choice too.

There are lots of other ways we can work with brides and grooms to customise their wax melt favours though. We can be very flexible on the presentation and are happy to talk to you about your specific needs. Whether you want individually packaged wax melts, them provided in bulk or you’ve sourced packaging you’d like us to use, we can work with your needs.

Your labels are another chance to be creative your wedding too. As standard all our wax melt favours come with the legally required CLP label on the bottom but if you’d like us to provide custom labels to ‘brand’ your wax melt favours for your big day, we can offer this as an additional service.

6. Can you advise your booking process?

We make it simple and you can actually order online by selecting your shape, scent and whether you want any extras - the only other thing we need to know is when your big day is. But, I know just how important everything single detail of your wedding is and understand the time it takes to make decisions so instead, I encourage you to send an email or contact us via our website and let’s chat from there.

Planning your wedding can be stressful and with so much else to do, I want to make your favours easy!

7. Are you appearing at any wedding fairs, where our couples can meet you in person? 

Right now we don’t have any weddings fairs booked but this could change so keep and eye on our social accounts where we’ll share the latest news!

Winnywicks can be contacted via here or visit their website -

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