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The Finishing Touches

Opal Bridal Accessories, created by Ella in 2019, offers a unique range of bridal accessories.

Ella’s background in fashion and millinery, combined with her experience as a bridal consultant, led her to notice the limited options available to brides for accessories. She wanted to provide more modern and affordable alternatives that could match a bride’s personality and be more bespoke.

And this is where Opal Bridal Accessories was born. Accessories and headwear, that once may have been an after thought, were taking centre stage with everything else and have now become a priority for the bride-to-be.

Opal Bridal Accessories offers a variety of designs, from traditional ivory veils, to black tulle boas and heavily beaded headbands. Additionally, Ella provides custom services for those who want unique and unconventional accessories.

You can find all items online, and consultations are available by contacting Opal Bridal Accessories on

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