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The Wedding Countdown

The question has been popped, you are officially engaged and you're now looking at planning a lifetime with your significant other - now what?

Now comes the countdown! What is your timeline till your big day?

In terms of our wedding, we officially have approximately 18 months until our day, and I like to think I have been quite organised! We have everything booked (or at least pencilled or priced) except for maybe one or two items.

One of the first things I did, was follow pages such as ourselves 'Yorkshire Brides', on inspiration pages like this, you can get a feel for venues & suppliers in your chosen wedding area. Next we booked our venue - I think this is the most important thing to book first, so you have a location, date and idea of budget and then everything else can fall into place thereafter.

We booked our venue at the end of 2022, for a summer 2025 date, therefore gave ourselves plenty of time to source suppliers, save money and prepare for our wedding. Other couples may opt for a much shorter engagement or even longer timeline, it all comes down to your budget, expectation and life!

The idea of planning your ceremony and reception can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. By breaking down your overall requirements (for both you and your partner) into either monthly tasks or via a weekly checklist, the countdown can be both smooth and exciting!

We found this checklist by Wed2b online to be really useful when planning your countdown;

Let us know in the comments what your countdown looks like? And hopefully Yorkshire Brides can help meet your supplier requirements!

Yorkshire Brides -The Wedding Countdown

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