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Bridal confidence is more than skin deep

When I went to my first Bridal shop experience, I found my dream dress, but I didn't say yes to the dress....yet. This came down mostly to the fact that 'I wanted to lose some weight' before the big day and not feeling entirely comfortable in my own body. The Bridal shop was amazing and told me 'we don't mention those words in here'.

I feel this particular phrase is banded around by a lot of brides (and grooms) to-be and it does resonate as understandably people want to look and feel their best on their most special day. It is very easy to lose confidence when we get into the nitty-gritty of wedding planning, as everyone looks so unbelievable on social media.

Currently I don't have the confidence that I should have. After a couple of years of happy comfort eating (warning: being in a happy relationship with a fellow foodie can do this to you!) I decided to start a new weekly class, as well as a course of facials, and actually surprisingly both of these have been helping me more mentally, rather than being just about physical appearance. After my fitness class I feel more energised, and after my facial I feel much more relaxed. I feel that your mental health wellbeing is key to being bridal body confident.

Brides and Grooms should be confident in their own skin...remember your partner chose you, just the way you are. And if that means you stay looking the same, or you lose weight, put weight on or you get into a new fitness or skin regime, then you do whatever makes YOU feel confident! You will look beautiful to everyone on your special day regardless.

J xx

Bridal confidence - Yorkshire Brides

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