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Something Special

The below suppliers offer services that are just a little bit different and special for your big day!

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Elevate your wedding experience with our digital audio guestbook. Co-founded by a 2023 bride, we're a small, young business dedicated to preserving your special day's memories. Collect heartfelt messages, and cherish your loved one's authentic emotions for a lifetime. An affordable, shareable, and everlasting way to make your special day truly unforgettable.

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To The Moon

To The Moon are a flower preservation company based in Hartlepool. We take your beautiful flowers and turn them into an everlasting memory of your special day by casting them in epoxy resin. From larger decorative hexagon to small functional drinks coasters, we have something for everyone.

White Dove Release by Bow Bridge Blooms

Tyri Wedding Choreography

High Maintenance Jewellery

The Yorkshire Audio Guest Book

Confidence in Colour

The Wedding Hand

The Confectionery Lounge

Bell of the Ball

Flutes and Finesse

Toadflax Flowers and Botanicals

Keri Louise Wedding Planning and Virtual Assistance

Yorkshire Violinist

Harebell and Heather

Boundless Beauty Aesthetics

Fuss Pot Crowns

Wedding Planning in Yorkshire

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