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The Yorkshire String Quartet

Professional musicians and friends who love playing music together to provide ambience and occasion to any setting or event. TYSQ, 'Helping to create magical musical memories!'

Further Info

The Yorkshire String Quartet are a family of string playing friends, who have been playing together for over the past twenty years, in all sorts of different ensemble settings, orchestral to session work, we have done it all. What we love most though, is playing as a quartet. The bond and friendship between us all really does come across in our playing.

There's not many genres of music that we haven't played or isn't in our vast repertoire of music. We do take new requests for pieces and arrange them for our clients. We've arranged many movie pieces, football anthems and even video gaming pieces. It's all part of the service. 'Helping to create magical musical memories!'

At the very beating heart of TYSQ is Stuart, Dominka, Corinne and Sam. We have many other lovely players who come and play with us, and we love having them play with us. All of our musicians are trusted players, excel on their instrument, and of course are our friends.

Our promise to all of our clients, is that once your date is secured with us, then no other engagements will be taken that day, you have the full and undivided attention of TYSQ.

We love what we do. Every wedding, event, party or engagement is special to us, and we hope that our music will help make it extra special for you.


“It was perfect! Beyond all we good wish for!”


“Loved my wedding, you guys absolutely made it what it was!”


“Thank you again so much for everything! You guys were absolutely amazing and we loved every second of it!”

Wedding Planning in Yorkshire

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