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Bloomin' lovely!

Flowers have always been at the top of my wedding list, long before I even got engaged!

With a typical 'My Wedding' Pinterest board already pinned long before I met my now Fiancé, I have always envisaged what flowers and what colour palette I would love to have in my bouquet, however I never realised that there was going to be such a vast amount of differing styles, flowers, colours and designs that a Bride can incorporate into their wedding day. From bouquets, to decor, to invitations to accessories, flowers are a perfect item to really present your theme across your day.

Every florist has their own special take on wedding flowers, and I have come across some beautiful colours, flowers and styles that I would have never dreamed of!

My colour palette is burnt orange with a blue hue, and after discussing this with my chosen florist, she sent me some beautiful mood boards that incorporated exactly what I was looking for! Taking into account the flowers I love, but also recommending flowers that would be in season and match our colours.

After finding lots of inspiration via Yorkshire Brides, I am now considering incorporating some floral inspo into other parts of my wedding, including my hair!

Find your wedding florist supplier - See featured Yorkshire Brides Florists below;

Mavis Lane Flowers -

Willow & Bear Floral Design -

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