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Choosing your music

Updated: Jan 29

Having played for lots and lots of different weddings, events and occasions over the years, getting the music just right to help create those magical moments and memories is super important, not only to our clients but to us. We want to get it just right!

Music sets the tone, it calms, it soothes, it can be reflective or exciting, it creates the atmosphere that is special to you and indeed special to us.

There will always be that one piece that sparks a memory. First Kiss, First special moment, First holiday together, Walking down the aisle, to walking back down the aisle together, First dances, pretty much first everything is always supported by music and that helps create and keep those memories cherished.

We at the Yorkshire String Quartet, value those memories, and are here to help you make them. We always ask about your music choices, and help you decide where in the day you would like to have your piece choices played. We know how to create a mood and we also know how to change the vibe when needed. If we have plenty of people singing along we will keep up with the classic singalongs.

When in church we can be calm and reflective but we can also raise the roof with our pop classics.

Our extensive repertoire is able to cater for most tastes, and if it's not there, we can try to source it for you. We are able to work with themed weddings and have done everything from Disney theme to The Office themed weddings!

So when you come to choosing your music, remember it is that that will help remind you of your day. Have a list of songs you would like to hear and equally ones you wouldn't like to hear, don't forget the really important ones, and when you would like them to be played. 

Always chat things through with your musicians. If we are playing for a ceremony it is so important to know where in the entrance piece is best to start, do we play an introduction or get straight to it?  When the entrance piece starts, at what point in the piece, will your entrance be made? Measuring out the aisle is always a good thing to do as it helps us know how much of the piece will need to be played and which part. For an exit piece as newlyweds, it's always best to start at the climax of the piece, as everyone is going to be clapping!

All of these things your musicians would want to chat through with you, and it is super helpful for them to know in advance so that those musical memories are just perfect and will last a lifetime.

Drinks reception music is almost always background music, which depends on the type of venue you're playing at. Outside, you would want bigger tunes so that the sound carries, and inside it can be a good mix. If the space is smaller and more intimate, you may want to choose lighter music. Make sure that inside your musicians are positioned in a place where everyone can hear them but aren't overpowering your guests.

For a Wedding breakfast, again you are providing background music, and this can be a mixed set list.

First Dances are always a pleasure to play for, and will be the piece that you get to hear the whole of. Entrance and exit pieces, you will only hear part of, which is why it is so important to pick the right part of the music to hear, but your First Dance it's the whole piece.

Just as you would pick certain flowers for certain spaces, your music choices and when they are played are so important. Let us help you choose those pieces, and create your setlists, to make your day musically magical.

Guest blog provided by The Yorkshire String Quartet - find more info about them here.


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