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Microweddings: Planning your day

Microweddings became popular because of the pandemic, but unlike a lot of other pandemic trends (the rule of 6 or zoom quizzes, anyone remember those? No?) this one has really run with that popularity, not only holding on as we step into 2024 but gaining popularity as a stand alone, respectable trend.

There are loads of practical reasons to love a microwedding, but we’re going to look at some of the cooler, more daring ways to style your microwedding.

Look, nature is my thing, the more wild the better for me, you’ll either totally get it, or you can use this idea for something more… You.

The absolute beauty of a microwedding is the flexibility, you’re surrounded by only your nearest and dearest who are much more likely to get onboard when you’re suggesting non traditional stuff, you’ve not got to think about upwards of 100 guests, moving that many people, accommodating needs (and likes and dislikes). With that in mind, you can make time for untypical wedding day activities. 

For my clients that might look like a swim in the sea, a hike to a beautiful spot, time with animals, yours or others, we’re not picky. For you it might look like an hour or so in the casino, making some time to knit, or do your favourite activity. 

Similar, but not the same, you can be more flexible with your time, you can leave gaps between your ceremony and your meal and these spaces will be filled organically, maybe with a walk, a sit around and a laugh and chat, maybe a dance or a trip to the pub. With a microwedding you have the freedom of flexibility, you can generally pop into a local cafe when there’s four of you, not so much when there’s 104.

The most daring, stylistically and literally, daring is location. I’m not talking barn, or old warehouse, I’m talking more daring.

Imagine, its your wedding day and you’re feeling like a superhero stood at the top of a cliff, wind whipping all around you, your partner, your celebrant, photographer and your witnesses, maybe your vows wouldn’t carry far because of the noise of the wind but who cares? The 4 people around you can hear and that’s all that matters. You’re there for the feeling, the experience, the memories and my God the pictures would be incredible.

Along the same vein you could think of other locations that suit you as a couple but may not be the first choice for most couples for their wedding, the beach, a boat, a remote island, castle ruins.

Microweddings were seen to be a smaller celebration, a muted affair, they could be, for those who want that. Or they could add so much to your day, that just couldn’t be feasible with a bigger wedding, they’re the opportunity to be more personal, more flexible, more exciting, much more memorable and above all else, more you.

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Photos courtesy of @Hayleygellphotography


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