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Sustainable Wedding Favours

Updated: Jan 29

Are you planning to incorporate sustainable elements into your wedding? More and more couples are now thinking about how they can make their special day as sustainable as possible. However, sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin.


Here at Rachel Fearnley Designs, we create sustainable products that offer you something truly unique for your wedding day and beyond. Our Wedding Collection gives you a sustainable option for your favours that will give your guests a lasting keepsake from your wedding day. The favours are individually designed, hand printed and handmade to order. We print onto either vintage linen or organic cotton and then sew the fabric into Lavender Pyramids or Lavender Bundles. They are filled with homegrown lavender and other sustainable fillings. When creating the favours, we discuss with you your wedding, your colour theme, design ideas and shapes. However, we also always mention that because each favour is individually printed by hand, no two will be exactly the same; your guests will receive something that is truly unique. We work with a local ceramicist and calligrapher so if you wish to have your favours embellished with handmade ceramic buttons or personalised with your guests’ names these are also options. This means that they can become the place setting too!


In addition to the Favours, we also create Ring Cushions to keep your rings safe during the ceremony. Again these are individually designed, hand printed and handmade to order.  They have a length of ribbon attached to securely keep the rings in place during the ceremony. This can be a piece of matching ribbon or maybe a piece of your family’s heirloom ribbon. The Ring Cushions are filled with sustainable fillings with the additional option of also adding our homegrown lavender. The Ring Cushions are also as lasting keepsake as you can then use them to keep your rings safe when they are not being worn.


Are you planning to include your dog in your wedding?  We can make Ring Cushions specifically for your dog to present your wedding rings at the ceremony. These are designed to ensure comfort for your dog while they are wearing it. Your dog, wearing one of our Ring Cushions, makes a great photo opportunity and of course enables your dog to be included in your wedding day.

Within our work there is an emphasis on sustainability and working with our environment, we are therefore proud that our Wedding Favours and Ring Cushions do not cost the earth. If you are looking for something that is truly unique and that your guests will want to treasure and keep as a functional, pretty reminder of your wedding day, please have a look at our website for more information or contact me for an informal conversation.


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