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The 'Plan'

As a bride-to-be, who is due to be married in 2025, I like to think I am quite organised!

We have booked our venue, our photographer, our cake-maker and our florist. I have also been to look at wedding dresses!

However in terms of 'the plan', I still have this niggling feeling that I am short-on-time! Is this just a right of passage as a bride-to-be? Does everyone have this gut feeling whilst planning?

With Christmas looming, myself and my partner have put our wedding planning on the backburner now until 2024. I know there is still alot to organise and curate, and although its an exciting time it can also be rather overwhelming! Which personally I don't feel it should be.

My plan in 2024 is to properly look over what is still needed to be booked, and plan out our finances and ideas using tools made for brides-to-be - for example Nicole @ The Wedding Hand has provided the following item to make a great start!

There are also Bridal retreats that are becoming very popular - such as Bride In Mind - and I think I will definitely be looking at booking one of these in the run up to our wedding!

There are also a number of brilliant wedding planners listed on our site, and I hope they can be of service to calm your bride-to-be jitters and help plan your special day. View wedding planners here -

Heres to a fun 2024 planning our day and not letting those nervous feelings overwhelm us!

J xx

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