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Navigating your Guest List

When you first become engaged, it is filled with fun, joy and avid plan-making, but what I have come to learn is that there are most definitely some difficult jobs that also need completing on your bridal journey!

My first hurdle has arrived with the preparation of the Guest List.

As a social butterfly, I have always kept in touch with many people, past and present, from various jobs, hobbies, classes, family, and friendship groups, which I am now potentially viewing as a downfall for planning our guest list!

We are planning on holding a day ceremony with an evening reception, and as most couples tend to do, we are having additional guests arriving for the evening reception only. Our wedding is most definitely not on the small scale, with approx. 80 guests for the day, and up to 150 for the evening, although I know some couples choose to have guests attend the full day, or alternatively have a small ceremony, followed by a large reception. Whichever way you are going, you will inevitably have to eventually create your Guest List.

Our list has evolved slightly since first creation, and as we are not marrying until 2025, I am sure it will continue to evolve ever more so!

At first, I became very anxious about creating the list, but as the months are rolling on, I am starting to realise that it is mine and my future husbands day and we do not have to make anyone else happy but ourselves!

I have shared below some top tips that have so far helped us with our guest list organising;

· Realistically plan how many people you can afford within your given budget

· Write an entire list of everyone you would like to invite, and check the numbers against said budget - then work out day guests and evening guests

· Engage a flow-chart (as below) to potentially help with decision making on any guests you are 50/50 on

· Don’t feel pressured to invite everybody within your world!

· Were you invited to their wedding, so feel obligated to invite them but haven’t spoken to them in more than a year? Maybe don’t invite them

· Send Save The Dates about 12 months before the wedding, to day guests only – if anyone cannot attend they can let you know now and you can re-assess additional invites

· Limit plus ones, work colleagues, people you rarely see, children, distant relatives or anyone else as you see fit – It is your wedding and you can invite whoever you want!

· Keep the guest list between you and your partner – no outside opinions required!

We hope the above tips help alleviate any pressures that our fellow Yorkshire brides and grooms-to-be have when it's time to consider your Wedding Guest List!

J x

Flow-chart courtesy of Emmaline Bride

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