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Rise of the Content Creator

The term wedding 'content creator' may be one you have never even heard. But social media weddings are a growing UK trend that has spread across from the US wedding market. They are different to Photographers and Videographers, and yet they can all work hand in hand to deliver content from your big day!

Jamie, owner of The Social Wedding UK, discusses the growing trend with Yorkshire Brides -

"The Social Wedding was one of the first wedding content creators in the UK, aiming to help couples create unforgettable memories and celebrate love in a unique and personal way. We have a team of content creators specialising in capturing and curating beautiful and meaningful content for weddings.

As wedding content creators, our role is to document and showcase the essence of a wedding day through various forms of media, such as photography, videography, and social media content. We work closely with couples to understand their vision and style, and then we bring that to life by capturing the important moments, details, and emotions of their wedding day. All the content is shot on an iPhone 14 Pro and delivered within 24 hours of the couples’ wedding day meaning that it is all formatted for social media and they can relive their day and share the very next day. While a wedding content creator encompasses aspects of both photography and videography, the main difference lies in the approach and scope of work. A photographer primarily focuses on capturing still images, while a videographer records motion and audio to create a cinematic experience. As a wedding content creator, we combine both photography and videography to provide a behind-the- scenes storytelling approach, capturing both the still moments and the moving emotions of the day and even create trending Tik-Toks and Instagram Reels if the couple wish to. We work alongside photographers and videographers on a couples’ wedding day to capture a behind the scenes perspective of their day.

What we love most about being wedding content creators is the opportunity to witness and document love stories. Each wedding is unique, and being able to capture the raw emotions, genuine moments, and beautiful details is truly rewarding. It's an honour to be a part of such a special day and to have the chance to create lasting memories for couples to cherish." Jamie is dedicated to storytelling and personalisation for your wedding, and she strives to go beyond simply capturing images and videos by curating content that reflects the couple's unique love story and style. She takes the time to understand a couples vision, personalities, and preferences, and infuses that into every aspect of the content she creates.

Couples can expect a professional and personalised experience when they hire The Social Wedding UK for their wedding. Visit their website where you will find detailed information about the services they offer, contact details and even some free resources to help with wedding planning!

Don't miss The Social Wedding LIVE - every Thursday evening, Jamie hosts various suppliers to discuss all things weddings - Live on @thesocialweddinguk Instagram!

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